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Dave Ramsey interviews Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is one of the most successful businessmen in America. He’s also a self-made billionaire and he has some very interesting things to say. He’s been featured on TV shows like “Shark Tank” and “The Rachael Ray Show,” but he recently made an appearance on the Dave Ramsey show.

DAVE RAMSEY: You’ve talked about the virtues of living below your means and avoiding frivolous purchases. What are some things you wish you had waited on in life?
MARK CUBAN: When I started my business, I lived in a dumpy little apartment that cost me $275 a month, it was awful. My first car was a beater and so was my second one! I didn’t own anything nice or new until I had made enough money to afford it…and even then it took years before I bought any kind of extravagance or luxury item.The lesson here is that by not getting into debt and saving up for things like cars and houses, you can live well below what most people do while still being able to afford the things you really want later on down the road.What do you think about deferred gratification?

Dave Ramsey and Mark Cuban have similar views on debt.

While Dave Ramsey and Mark Cuban may not agree on everything, they do have a lot of similarities when it comes to managing their finances. Both have taken a “zero debt” approach to their personal finances, which means that they try keep as much money in their pockets as possible by avoiding credit card use and other expensive loans. Their methods may differ from traditional financial advice (like paying off your mortgage) but the outcome is still similar: both men manage their money effectively and are able to retire early because of it.

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